Daily Activity

The care & welfare of your loved ones is a priority to us, we understand that leaving your loved one behind for day care or boarding can be very stressful for both you and them.  Whether they are staying with us for long-term or short term, you can be confident that our friendly and caring staff will attend to each and every need of your pet. Our aim at the “The Barkary” is to make sure they always feel safe & secure.

We ensure that their days are filled with fun packed activities which includes;

  • Walking
  • Quiet time / Important rest and nap time
  • Fresh air
  • Agility; run, jump, rope pull, hiding and plenty of balls to chase
  • Personal time
  • Time to be around the yard interacting with the farm animals (healthy interaction time)
  • Socialisation is promoted, however, should your fur friend prefer solitude and one to one care then this will be provided

While you are away from your loved one, we promise, if you wish, to keep you up to date with pictures or messages; alternatively, we respect your request for real respite if you chose not to have these updates.

We aim to get to know your dog and meet their individual needs, the environment is to be a home from home experience as much as it can be; keeping some balance to their regime can really help them feel settled in a new environment.

Boarding Daily Schedule:

First walk takes place; this is usually an OFF-lead gallop in one of our secure paddocks, ensuring your dog is always safe. We use our experience and your guidance to decide whether your dog/dogs should be exercised with other dogs. Group walks are far more fun for all.
Breakfast takes place. Your dog will be fed either with feed from us or their food from home. (this is encouraged due to sudden changes in feed interfering with their digestive system). Feeding an hour after their walk to prevent any indigestion or bloat. As well as feeding, we vacuum every kennel, shake beds, clean water is given to every dog and we then have an opportunity to have play time with them in their kennel.
Playtime in the Paddock- Agility, Ball games etc. New customers are very welcome to come and view the kennels from Mondays to Saturdays. This is a good time to chat to you and show off our great boarding kennels. Other morning opportunities include, brushing and fussing dogs, cleaning walkways, windows, dusting kennels and washing any bedding that has become 'doggie'.
2nd Walk- Lunchtime walk with lunchtime feed (and medications) if needed.
Most dogs at home sleep at this time of the day, so all the kennel unit is left quiet leaving dogs to snooze, giving us time to catch up with other jobs. Vacated kennels are cleaned and stand empty until our next guest arrives that evening.
Individual one to one time is spent with your dog, playing / grooming / chatting. Playtime in the paddock
3rd Walk – Afternoon walk then Afternoon mealtime! Again, feeding at least an hour after their walk.
Dogs are then let out into the exercise areas. We also check everyone to make sure all is content. Living just 15m from the kennel units, we are always in earshot. Should there ever be a problem, there is always one of us on hand.
Last checks are done, exercise area for those wanting their last relief session. Then its lights off & snuggle down time.