The Barkary is a purpose-built luxurious retreat for your loved ones, for both short and long stays. The boarding pads have been designed in line with government regulations of the higher standard allowing you the confidence of knowing your dogs are comfortable and safe within their accommodation for the duration of their stay.


Each pad is very spacious, with a raised platform for their sleeping area. Floors and walls are smooth in texture to allow effective washing, no lingering smells or bacteria build up. The kennels are designed not facing each other so dogs cannot shout at one another, there are 7 kennels within the block, allowing a less stressful and quieter stay. The kennels have enough natural lighting throughout the day. No outdoor runs are attached to the sleeping areas as we like our guests to think them as their living & sleeping quarters. Each pad has its very own panel heater and the kennel block is heated within the winter months with oil central heating which allows a constant ambient temperature throughout the day. A radio plays soothing music throughout the day.  TVs are situated along the corridors for all to enjoy a bit of after tea soaps until bedtime.


There is a secure outdoor exercise area for your dogs to stretch their legs and relieve themselves. This area has a gravel base for optimum cleanliness. These areas are situated within one of our yards adjacent to the boarding building. Within these exercise areas your dog’s can socialise with others (owners permitting) and can also see the other farm animals who roam around the farm.


The Barkary is situated in the middle of vast amounts of countryside and woodlands with many different walking routes for play on or off the leash. The Barkary has its own 26 acres of fields & paddocks where your dogs can run wild and free whilst being in a secure environment. They can even take part in the purpose-built agility course within one of the paddocks. Activity enrichment is a big part of their stay, where their days will be jam packed with walks, games, and socialisation but of course that much needed down time for snoozing!


Food is available using a well-known branded food, which caters for all types of breeds; however, we do promote that your dogs are kept on their own diet from home so that their digestion system isn’t interrupted. We are not gourmet chefs, however, should your loved one have a diet at home we shall endeavour to accommodate their needs.


The Barkary now carries out all of its grooming off site in a brand new, purpose-built salon, which has an informal, relaxed, calming and soothing environment. High velocity blaster dryers or hand drying whichever your dog prefers. High quality shampoo, conditioners and natural treatments (as required). We offer flexible appointment times and free consultations.

SERVICE – We worry, so you don’t have to
We text a ‘reminder’ of your appointment time 24 hours before you are due


Purpose modified building catered around the needs of your loved ones to provide a safe, secure and home from home environment.

We have lots of activities throughout the day to keep your dog engaged and active. Balls and ball pits, seesaw ramps, tug rope play, agility courses to explore.

We also offer enrichment activities to work your dogs mind as much as his body, like our treat puzzles.

Our outdoor play area for the dogs is designed to let the animals socialise in a safe, secure and supervised environment. As part of their daily schedule our clients will be taken on woodland and countryside walks as well as being able to run free in our secure fields as part of their package.

Our clients receive a balanced regime with elements of exercise and play training throughout the day using a wide variety of activities and interaction to return home happy and tired.

We understand here at The Barkary that all dogs are different and have individual needs. All dogs that arrive will be assessed to make sure they feel comfortable and at ease. We take the elderly and the very young. All dogs have access to luxurious comfortable surroundings and furniture, whether they prefer being out in the fun filled play area or slouching and snoozing catching movies in the resting areas.


The team responsible for taking care of your loved ones are trained in Level 3 Canine Care & Behaviour and trained in Pet First Aid, they are friendly and knowledgeable dog folk! There is ALWAYS someone on site, your dogs are never left alone.


We have veterinary access 24 hours a day, with the nearest branch only a 10-minute drive so you can be rest assured should anything unfortunate arise or anything we, as professionals are concerned about, we can be almost immediately reassured.